From our Oakland, California headquarters we design, manufacture and service the world’s most respected and sought-after liquid handling instruments and consumables.

North America’s #1 Pipette Brand

Never heard of a “pipette”? You’re not alone, but for life scientists, they’re the most frequently used instrument in the lab. Pipettes transfer extremely small amounts of liquids used in research and drug manufacturing with exceptional accuracy and precision. Our customers include the world’s leading academic research labs, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, forensics labs and national institutes of health.

Rainin isn’t just America’s best-selling pipette brand – we’re also the largest manufacturer in Alameda County. And at every level of our organization we need people like you. People committed to delivering quality work, who thrive in a team environment and get a kick out of know that what they do is helping to improve the lives of people around the world.

Pipettes are probably the most common instrument used in life science labs around the world.

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